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Jacksons Ford Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment.

Hunter Hawk eye td elite, state of the art imaging aligner, unrivalled capability, we use this to identify and resolve issues on all makes and models from DBS Aston martin’s to Ford Ka’s, if you have a tyre wear or handling issues then the Hunter is the tool for the job.

The results speak for themselves, Mr X came to us running a BMWx5 he was only getting 8000miles to a set of tyres, at £1000 a set that’s not viable, we optimised the set up on the Hunter and he immediately saw 30000+ miles out of the next set of tyres, that’s over a £2000 saving.

We can carry out full SBDA (Suspension body and dimension audits) so if you have had a pot hole or kerb strike then the Hunter can identify where to focus our attention.

Q; I have hit a pot hole in the road what should i do ?

A;You should get a free of charge alignment check, and at the same time inspect the tyre,wheel, and other suspension components for any damage, the effects of hitting a pot hole can take many miles to show through and then it can be much more costly to rectify. In most cases if anything is required then its a simple readjustment of the suspension which is not too costly.


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