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The Focus RS500 Mountune Racing package is based off the market-leading MP350 upgrade, but has additional components, separating it from the Focus RS performance package. The RS500 kit includes:

  • Larger EC-approved 3” downpipe
  • Anti-loosen/grip tight bolts
  • 200-cell EC sports catalyst
  • EC EURO or UK-spec 3” cat-back exhaust
  • Cast inlet plenum
  • Mountune re-circulating bypass valve
  • Revised engine management
  • Mountune Racing badge fitted

Once upgraded, the RS500’s power increases from 350PS to 375PS at 6700rpm. Torque also sees a substantial increase from 460Nm to 550Nm at 3,500rpm.

The MR375 will deal with 0-60mph in an eye-watering 5.0 seconds and 0-100 takes only 11.3 seconds, accelerating onto a top speed of 165mph.
The MR375 upgrade can be fitted to any model year of the Focus RS500, new or used and comes with a minimum 12 months/12,000-mile warranty on parts supplied against manufacturing defects. This upgrade is the only performance upgrade that will not affect your manufacturer base vehicle warranty.

Quick Stats

0-60mph: 5.4secs
0-100mph: 12.2secs
Top Speed: 165mph

MR375: 0-60mph: 5.0secs
0-100mph: 11.3secs
Top Speed: 165mph+