Wheel balancing

Wheel balancing is something that many motorists never really consider. But that’s ok because Jacksons Ford does. It’s just one of the services we offer in our service centre, which is one of the most popular in the Midlands because we offer such an outstanding service to our customers. Don’t believe us? Check out our excellent reviews. We are a family run business with knowledgeable and loyal staff - some of whom have been with us for over 30 years. These staff are fully focused on making sure that our customers leave us with a smile. Because if they do, those customers are more likely to come back.

One way we ensure a smile is by going the extra mile for our customers and we do this by providing detailed wheel balance checks. Unbalanced wheels generally produce a vibration that is uncomfortable for the driver and can result in premature wear of not only tyres, but also suspension and steering parts. One of the first warning signs that your wheels may be out of balance is a wobbly steering wheel above a certain speed. Of course, not everyone can sense an imbalance. This is entirely feasible as the vibration could be dampened by the vehicle’s weight. However, there may be other warning signs, such as uneven tyre wear.

When a new tyre is mounted onto an axle, the wheel should be rebalanced to ensure it rotates evenly. This is something that is done as a matter of course for all new tyres installed by Jacksons Ford. Our wheel balance checks are completed using Hunter GSP 9000 technology which is the world’s fastest diagnostic balancer, solving wheel vibration problems and detecting non-balance, radial-force related tyre problems.

The balancing machine at our service centre will rotate the tyre and wheel assembly, and the high tech system will automatically calculate even the slightest weight variation across the wheel. It will then pinpoint the exact position where a balance counter weight should be applied.

The outcome? The elimination of annoying vibrations, a smoother ride and reduced tyre wear, which will ultimately save you money in the long run.

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