Jacksons Ford will find the right tyres for your vehicle. Our specialists tyre fitting service can offer brand names at attractive prices and you’ll also receive additional safety checks during the course of the tyre fitting process.

Let’s not forget the vital role that your tyres play in the health of your vehicle and your safety; they are the only contact with the road your vehicle has. Safer tyres mean safer driving and our specialists can offer advice and guidance on the right choice because your tyres are a key safety feature of your vehicle. Have you considered that worn tyres could affect your braking distance? But the correct tyres, pressures and wear levels will help your vehicle perform properly in all conditions, so it is essential that you look after them. They are intrinsically linked with your shock absorbers and brakes to form an interconnected safety system that must be maintained.

Things like keeping the tyre air pressure at the right level is vital to the performance of your car. Your contact with the road is affected by too much or too little air, which could wear your tyres out faster and cause you to use more fuel. Another regular check is the depth of your tyre tread. On every tyre you will find wear indicators in the tyre grooves. If this is worn below the recommended tread of 3mm, you could lose grip on the road. It is also worth noting that in winter, it is recommended that tyres never go below 4mm.

You should also account for general wear and tear and damage caused by everyday driving when thinking about tyre replacement. Driving up onto a high kerb could result in air loss or corrosion, as an example. These are all reasons that you should check your tyres for damage regularly or let us check them for you.

Jacksons Ford’s service centre can complete a full tyre check for cracks, buckling, worn tread and foreign bodies such as nails. We can supply and fit replacement tyres quickly and easily. To book your tyre check, get in touch. Call us, enquire online, send us an email or visit our service centre in Henley-In-Arden, Warwickshire.